Package de.hs_rm.cs.lecturenotes.client.core.presentation.ui

Interface Summary
AppResourceBundle Resource Bundle for the client.
ILoginListener Listener for the Login process using in LoginDialoBox.

Class Summary
AboutDialogBox Frontend Application About Box.
AppResourceBundle.Util Utility class for simplifying access to the instance of the ClientBundle.
IconHTML Holds some predefined HTML targets.
LoginDialogBox Login Dialog.
LogoutPopupPanel Logout panel that will be displayed as soon as the user is logged out of the system.
MainApplicationDockLayoutPanel This Panel represents the main application panel.
SplashScreenPopupPanel Simple SplashScreen with the Logo and system version indicator.
WaitingPopupPanel This is a simple implementation of a waiting popup panel.

Enum Summary
BrowserEventEnum General DOM/Javascript Browser Events by their key name.
IconHTMLEnum All specified icon images that were used within IconHTML.