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This is a showcase demo for a bachelor thesis with the title “Eine webbasierte Plattform für interaktiv kommentierte Vorlesungsskripte” brought to you by

Enrico Homann

Anne-Frank-Str. 28

65197 Wiesbaden


Email: webmaster@mobilechicks.co



Project metrics

  • Documentation: 202 DIN A4 pages
  • Source Code: ~36,440 lines of code
  • Use Cases: 12
  • Function Requirements: 27
  • Non-functional Requirements: 7
  • Java files: 200
  • File Complexity: ~182,2 lines per file


If you have a password you may download the digital documentation file directly:
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 JavaDoc is a tool for documentation of Java elements in the implementation stage. Take a peek here if you’re interested in technical implementation details. JavaDoc also offers you an opportunity becoming aware of details which didn’t made it into the paper.


This project is a a showcase demo to the B.Sc. Thesis by Enrico Homann with the German title

Eine webbasierte Plattform für interaktiv kommentierte Vorlesungsskripte

which translates to the English title

A web based platform for interactive annotated lectures.

The public accessible documentation hard-copy is available at the library of the University of Applied Sciences RheinMain, Wiesbaden, Germany.

On request you may get a soft-copy of the digital documentation.

The software itself is restricted and only available from the author after personal request.

For business inquires please use this target email address: webmaster@mobilechicks.co

A fork of this project is soon available at lecturebitches.com



Everything runs nominal. The following button will open the login window in full-screen mode. Don’t worry about the internal name LectureNotes, the .com domain for this name was regretfully already taken.

A productive copy of this system is actually used by the University of Applied Sciences, Wiesbaden, Germany. Where the author is currently working and adapting some user issues and wishes outside the restricting scope of a final thesis paper.

Here you get a clean showcase demo to fiddle around a bit without doing any harm.

The database is freshly reseted every day via cron-job (at 02:32 in the daemon hour). If no-one changed the password in between you may login with administrator rights using the login name admin with password admin. The administrator role has the right to raise an average registered user to the docent role.

System policy notices in short:

  • An unregistered user (guest users) may login and view lectures.
  • A registered user inherits the rights from the unregistered user and may create an annotation.
  • A docent user inherits the rights from a registered user and may create a lecture.
  • An administrator user inherits the rights from a registered user and may manage user accounts.
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Here you can watch the prepared full-blown PowerPoint presentation as movie. The final presentation within the Colloquium had to be shortened because of awful time restrictions.



Source-code files

SQL Database scheme

WAR Deployment Distributable